Getting to Know Us

Hey there, Good Lookin':

We know that buying toys and furniture to enhance your sexual pleasure might not be the most comfortable thing you've ever done. That's especially true if you forget to close out of the browser tab and it accidentally opens up while you're trying to show Bob from accounting your vacation photos, but instead all he sees is your penchant for black leather bunny masks. That's definitely not an overly specific example based on real life, why do you ask? 

But we want this to be a safe space for you to find and express your innermost desires. It's hard to do that without knowing where your products are coming from, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves:

Brittany Danger 

Brittany is the brains behind Creamed and Sugared's business operations. She also wrote this, so she gets to claim she's the brains, willy nilly! Brittany is a typical Leo. She likes people, parties, talking and talking some more. Brittany has extensive experience building and improving businesses, though this is her first foray into selling dildos professionally. As some #funfacts about Brittany: She at one point owned a woodshop and custom furniture business with Steven J. Danger, has a so-called unhealthy love of taxidermy and is still painfully embarrassed to buy condoms in public. Oh, also she's married to that Steven guy.

Steven J. Danger

Though Steven appears to be straight laced and rigid in person, he has a deep love for handling his wood and making beautiful things out of it. He is very attentive and detailed oriented to get the desired results. Every move is calculated to exact precision so when delivery day comes there is no disappointment, whatsoever. He’s been obsessed with building as long as he can remember and owned a wood shop and custom furniture business with Brittany Danger. Outside of building he has an unhealthy obsession with fast cars and good whiskey.

Austin Caution

Austin Caution was born in the unforgiving island hinterlands of Svalbard. His upbringing was fraught with the dangers of surviving in those harsh climes, and learning to live with few amenities or modern materials. Austin began learning to work wood at the tender age of 6 and has been honing his skills ever since. His emigration to the U.S. and subsequent introduction to plastics and metal have not shaken his love for wood - merely expanded his experience of what people need to have MADE of it. Today, Austin contents himself by making things to ease life for everyone around him. He is a very chipper, eager beaver.