All About Our Wood

C&S finishes toys to the highest standard for pleasure, appeal, and safety. Natural wood is mesmerizing in its own right, but still leaves much to be desired before it is ready for us - and you.

Our 3 stage finishing process starts with rough shaping of your toy:

SHAPE: Powered tools and keen eyes mold and sculpt until the shape is perfect.

SAND: Second, we sand every millimeter by hand with progressively finer sandpaper until we cannot see any dimples or pits, and then buffed with steel wool. The light should shine from it as if it were made of steel or plastic.

SEAL: Finally, we prepare the surface with a series of primer coats to penetrate and seal the wood grain. The outside is covered with several passes of high grade, FDA approved polyurethane rated for food safety and consumer water tanks. This polyurethane seal is cured for 30 days for maximum strength, stability, and safety for internal use. The toy is then buffed and returned to a warm luster.

Some wood or composite materials require different treatment. They are shaped the same way, and sealed with medical grade polymers when necessary. These steps and materials are standard practice for any wooden sex toys.

C&S recommends cleaning your toys after every use with a mild soap and warm water for pieces finished with our shellac your favorite sex toy sanitizing solutions work well too. Do not use any abrasive pads or materials.

C&S recommends frequent inspections of your toys to watch for wear. If you notice any areas of damage, or a rough, cloudy surface in the finish, let us know as soon as possible and let us help keep your toy in play.

C&S is dedicated to safety, and continually researches new methods of making exciting, safe sex toys. Remember: safe sex is sexy sex.