Creamed and Sugared is a project dreamed up by skilled professionals with too much imagination and too little decorum. Brittany and Steven have been making furniture for over a decade while Austin has been making mundane wooden toys for twenty years. They enjoyed a friendship founded on raunchy humor and silly ideas for over a year before they started talking about what they really needed in toys and furniture and came to a realization - no one was offering what they were dreaming up. And they were dreaming up things they could make themselves.

Creamed and Sugared was created so that they could make MORE toys and realize MORE ideas without cluttering their own homes with the fruits of their labor. You start to get odd looks from family when your mantle is completely covered in paddles, plugs, and unnameable dick-like objects. The passion for craft is not something that can be easily stopped, though.

So welcome. Watch what can be done with wood and leather and pervy ideas. Watch natural materials bent and teased into shapely curves and bends, and pick your favorites before someone else does. While we standardize our process, each piece is going to be a little different, with a little different character each time. C&S brings the blood, sweat, and tears - the rest is up to you.

And remember. We do it by hand, because you shouldn't have to.