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C&S’s training knives allow people to experiment with the concept of edge play safely. Knives are sensual, scary, and command respect. C&S understands the reservations you may have for jumping into knife play and has come up with a way to have a similar feel with none of the risk, all in a sensational, gorgeous package. The focus is a comfortable fit in your hand, striking lines, and wide surfaces that can deliver a particularly sharp sting when used as a paddle.

 The Huntsman pictured is made from Teak with a butcher block finish.

Weight: 3.2 oz (Teak)
Length: 12.75 inches
Width at widest point: 2 inches

Please note: Your new best friend is lovingly crafted by hand and will take roughly 3 weeks to be delivered. Select your wood variant at checkout.

All of our pieces are body safe and safe to use. For more information on how we build and finish our toys to keep you and your partners safe check out our Wood Guide here.

All of our products at Creamed + Sugared are individually handcrafted. As a result products will have subtle variations from one piece to the next, caused by variations in the wood as well as the handcrafting. The images, descriptions and measurements you will find on our site have been used to best portray the products we sell but may not be 100% accurate due to the handcrafted nature of the items.

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