Interview with our very own Steven Danger with Lotus Blooms

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If you haven't already seen it on our Facebook page, one of our co-founders, Steven Danger, was interviewed by Lotus Blooms to talk about our toys. Check out their blog and get the low down on how we come up with our designs, our building process, and why we make manufacturing body-safe sex toys our highest priority. While you are over on the Lotus Blooms blog, make sure to follow them and read their amazing content!  

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Our Philosophy on our Wood

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Wonder how we choose the lumber we make our products out of? Here is a little bit of the philosophy we employ during the selection process to find the perfect exotic wood to meet your needs.

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Introducing C + S at Lotus Blooms

What we've been up to including: Smut Slam DC, Sexual Freedom Summit, and Lotus Blooms

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